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Ruby Klein was diagnosed with MS in her early 20s. Her journey to that diagnosis will be familiar to anyone who has experience with multiple sclerosis in that it was anything but straightforward. Ruby shared her experiences of being misdiagnosed and not believed by her health care providers. She told us how her family played a crucial role in helping her find a sustainable lifestyle and why it is paramount to advocate for yourself when it comes to your health. If you’d like to learn more about early symptoms of MS, check out this additional resource.

Heather Johnson is a Brooklyn-based actor who was diagnosed with MS after a scary experience while visiting Columbia. MS is an autoimmune disease that damages the tissue around the brain and spinal cord, which is called myelin. In layman’s terms, when someone has MS their immune system starts to attack their own tissues. Following a headache and temporary loss of vision in her right eye, Johnson got several MRIs in order to find out what caused it. She was met with a diagnosis she wasn’t equipped to fully comprehend. Johnson describes multiple sclerosis as a hidden disease, and she shared with us routines and habits that help her manage this chronic condition. If you’d like to learn more about early symptoms of MS, check out this additional resource.




Client . Novartis

Agency . Bustle Digital Group (Bustle/Elite Daily)

Production Company . Northbound NYC


Director . Chris Hawthorne

Producer . Miriam Naggar


Production Designer . Steven Killian

Set Dresser . Tommy Mitchell

Scenic . Taylor Barry

Director of Photography . Conor Murphy

First Assistant Camera . Sunnie Kim

Second Assistant Camera . Maisie Gibb


Sound Operator . Kip Sturm

Gaffer . Seth Margolies

Key Grip . Evan Wood


H/MU Stylist . Tiffanylee Adorno

PM / Covid-19 Deputy . Maya Seidler

Production Assistant . Christian Eatman

Production Assistant . Dru Williams


Executive Producer, Video . Whitney Buxton

Production Manager . Kelsey Osborne Dimitruk

Executive Creative Director Video . Lauren Sofair


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